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We use local companies to help us produce the parts we need to build your louvered roof. We are committed to helping our economy and community grow together.


We're proud to be able to offer the best prices around. We're able to achieve this while maintaining the highest standard by having good supply chains and a multi-faceted team.


We have an engineer who designs each and every louvered roof so you can rest assured they are up to the test of even our harshest weather.

Why Us

About Us

With a background in Mechanical Engineering from UBC, we set out to design and build a louvered roof system that is not only more affordable, but also locally sourced. Our engineer is hands-on: he designs and builds each louvered roof, so you can rest assured it will be built to the highest of quality. We are proud to say we are the only louvered roof company in BC that sources our aluminum extrusions from Canada - we are fully committed to keeping this company local, and helping our own economy grow. 


The demand for louvered roofs has been growing rapidly, but they've been missing a huge part of the market because they're too expensive. After working in the patio-covering industry for years, we wanted to create a louvered roof solution we could recommend to our friends and family and not break their bank. We wanted to tap into this previously missed opportunity and be able to offer louvered roofs to more people in our community, while upholding the highest standards for detail. We're able to achieve this at a lower price than all of our competitors by having a multi-faceted team that can take on many roles. We are proud to introduce you to Westcoast Patio Covers Ltd.

Patio Cover  Awning - Louvered Roof

Our Quality Guarantee

The Electronics

We provide a 5 year warranty on all electrical components.

This includes everything that helps the motor move (the remote, the control box, the motor, and the wiring).

The Structure

We provide a 10 year warranty on the structure. This includes everything other than the electronics. 

Issue beyond the warranty period?

No problem at all! Just give us a call or email, and we'll get your problem fixed.

We'll only charge the cost of the material needed to fix it.

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