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Retractable Screens

A wall on demand? No problem. Our retractable screens offer you the ability to close off a section of your space to keep out light, wind, and rain. There are times when a driving rain can be a nuisance at getting under a covered area from the sides, but our retractable screens can help with this. These screens stay stored up out of the way when you don't want them, and can lower all the way to the ground to create a cozy environment inside.

Retractable Shade Awning
Retractable Screen - Westcoast Patio Covers

Protection Meets Privacy

We have a huge variety of screens which range from just keeping out the bugs, to a complete block-out. Most commonly we use a 5-10% open screen, which blocks out most of the wind and rain, and adds an element of privacy. We also have retractable vinyls, which can be clear or coloured. The vinyls block out 100% of the wind and rain.

Comfort in the Outdoors

Relax and enjoy the outdoors, no matter what mother nature has to offer. The retractable screens are measured then custom made right here in the Lower Mainland to perfectly fit your space. The beauty of this product is that it can disappear when not in use!

Shade Screens
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