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You have full control of your space and how you want to enjoy it. The blades can be set to any angle by using our simple remote control. We have gorgeous summers in Vancouver, and your patio cover should not limit the amount of light you want to let in. However, our other seasons can be wet, and your patio cover needs to keep you and your space dry. This is the beauty of a louvered roof.

Retractable Screens

A wall on demand? No problem. Our retractable screens offer you the ability to close off a section of your space to keep out light, wind, and rain. There are times when a driving rain can be a nuisance at getting under a covered area from the sides, but our retractable screens can help with this. These screens stay stored up out of the way when you don't want them, and can lower all the way to the ground to create a cozy environment inside.

Retractable Screen Awning

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